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Try A Prompt

General Knowledge Trivia - Try A Prompt

General Knowledge Trivia - Try A Prompt

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Get ready to unleash the power of your brain while tickling your funny bone with Tap Trivia! This isn't your grandma's trivia game – unless she's into snort-laughing her way through history and pop culture.

 A set of cards, each packed with general knowledge questions that are so easy, a toddler could play... if toddlers knew what "satirical" meant.

Questions are crafted by a secret cabal of comedians who think they're historians, or historians who think they're comedians – we can't tell.

Answers so hilariously twisted, you'll learn while you laugh, and laugh while you learn.

Categories ranging from "It's Science, People!" to "History with Hiccups," ensuring no topic is safe from a good-natured roast.

Perfect for parties, family game nights, or when you want to feel smart and entertained at the same time.

A great way to break the ice, or just break into spontaneous giggle fits.

Educational? Sure. But with enough satire to make a satirist spit out their coffee in approval.

Why Choose Tap Trivia?

 Because who said learning can't be side-splitting? Tap into the trivia, tap into the fun – with Tap Trivia, the game where facts meet funnies!

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