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Try A Prompt

Solar Eclipse Jokes Mug - Try A Prompt

Solar Eclipse Jokes Mug - Try A Prompt

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Imagine a mug that's not just a mug, but a cosmic comedian in your hands!  This mug is perfect for sipping your favorite beverage while watching the solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. It's a hilarious way to start your day and a great conversation starter, whether you're an astronomy enthusiast or just someone who appreciates a good pun under the sun... or moon!

Discover this humorous Mug, decorated with the humor necessary to enjoy your day. Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage from this exclusive mug, and let the subtle humor of its words bring a little spark to your day and make you smile.

There are the full phrases on the sides of each mug:

  • Sun Gone Dark? Nah, Sun on Break!
  • Eclipse Party? More Like Bean Night!
  • Conspiracy Alert: Lizard Sunglasses!
  • Sunshine Forecast: Canceled by Moon!
  • Night Owl Rejoices: Early Bedtime!
  • Moth Mistakes: Eclipse for Disco?
  • Dating Apocalpyse: Vampires on Tinder.
  • Astronaut Lost: Earth MIA?
  • Tourist Lost Too: Where'd the Sun Go?
  • Pizza to the Rescue: Saves the Day (Again)!

The date of the solar eclipse is also on the mug. This makes for a great keepsake or gift to a loved one. Get yours TODAY!


1 Ceramic Coffee Mug, 11oz.

1 Prompt for a Personalized Message to go with the gift.


1. 1 Mug. This is a physical product that will be shipped to you.

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