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Try A Prompt

Casual Chic Look - Try A Prompt

Casual Chic Look - Try A Prompt

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Creating a 7-day casual chic capsule wardrobe is all about blending style with functionality. Start with a versatile striped top, a staple that can be dressed up or down, and pair it with jet-black pants that have a hint of spandex for comfort and durability. Add a slip dress or skirt to the mix for a touch of elegance;  A basic white top is essential, serving as the canvas for countless looks. Layer with a longer cardigan for those cooler days or when you need a touch of sophistication. With these core items, you can craft outfits that are both trendy and effortless to replicate, ensuring you're ready for any occasion with a touch of fashionista flair. Remember, the key is in the mix-and-match potential of each piece, allowing for a range of standout looks that embody casual chic.


1. 7 Casual Chic illustrations and artistic renditions and self care tracker.

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